Bradley P. Allen

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A serial entrepreneur who builds and leads teams in the design, development, launch and operation of innovative Web businesses. Currently Chief Architect at Elsevier, the world's leading scientific publisher.


Carnegie-Mellon University, B.S., Applied Mathematics, 1982.


Elsevier, Chief Architect, 2012 - present. Leading the Architecture & Labs group within Elsevier's technology organization, focusing on aligning technology vision and roadmap with corporate strategy, helping core development teams build and evolve products and infrastructure, and guiding Elsevier Labs' collaborative research into the future of scientific and medical publishing. VP, Elsevier Labs, 2009 - 2012. Led Elsevier Technology Services' research and development efforts, helping groups within Elsevier plan, design, and build advanced technologies into products in support of Elsevier's strategic plans.

Siderean Software, Inc., Founder and CTO, 2001 - 2008. Led company as CEO from founding until raising a first venture round in 2004. A semantic search company, Siderean was recognized in 2007 as a visionary in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Information Access and as one of KM World's 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management. Siderean's assets were acquired by Open Text Corporation in May 2011.

TriVida Corporation, Founder and CTO, 1997 - 2001. Created technology and led product development at a web site cross-sell/up-sell personalization software-as-a-service startup. TriVida was sold to Be Free, Inc. (now ValueClick, Inc.) in March 2000.

Limbex Corporation, Founder and CTO, 1995 - 1996. Designed and led the development of WebCompass, an Internet search assistant that won Byte Magazine's Best Of Show award at COMDEX Fall 95. Limbex was sold to Quarterdeck Corporation (now Symantec Corporation) in August 1996.

Inference Corporation, Vice President, Applications Development, 1991 - 1995. Created CBR Express, the first case-based problem resolution solution for the CRM market. Inference became a public company in June 1995. Director of Advanced Technology, 1987 - 1991. Managed a profit center conducting research projects funded by NASA and DARPA. Senior Computer Scientist, 1984 - 1987. Principal member of the team that designed and developed ART, one of the first commercial expert system development environments.

Robotics Institute, Carnegie-Mellon University, Senior Research Programmer, 1982 - 1984. Designed and developed knowledge-based scheduling systems and frame-based knowledge representation languages at the Institute's Intelligent Systems Laboratory.


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